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Southeast Quadrant MCCU Becomes Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance

Effective May 7, 2018, Southeast Quadrant MCCU merged with Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance to create a stronger community partner.


Advanced Life Support

SEQ provides prehospital advanced life support (ALS). The goal is to bring the emergency department to the patient’s side, thereby getting lifesaving treatment started sooner by eliminating the delays associated with transport and admission to the hospital. Once the patient is stabilized, transport to the hospital is carried out in a controlled, safe manner which helps ensure the best possible outcome. Aspects of prehospital ALS include:

Clinical Assessment

A thorough patient assessment is the most important part of rendering emergency care. Through a focused subjective and physical examination we can quickly determine the problem so appropriate care can be rendered.

Emergency Medications

Medications normally only available in the hospital are brought directly to the patient. Treatment can be started for a broad array of medical emergencies including heart attack, respiratory diseases including asthma and COPD, seizures, stroke, and diabetic emergencies.

Coronary Care

Portable cardiac monitoring and treatment equipment is provided. Using state-of-the-art equipment a full 12 lead EKG can be obtained to assess the possibility of a heart attack and this information communicated ahead to the hospital, which allows them to be ready with the proper treatment immediately upon the patient's arrival. Our units can also provide a temporary pacemaker and emergency cardioversion and defibrillation when necessary. Finally, continuous cardiac monitoring similar to that found in the ICU is standard procedure on every call.

Respiratory Therapy

Nebulized medications for respiratory problems and advanced airway management including intubation and surgical airway procedures for critical breathing emergencies are provided. This is in addition to the basic oxygen and airway therapy provided by the ambulance service.

Trauma Care

The patient who has been the victim of a serious injury from an accident or other cause needs immediate treatment by a surgeon in the hospital operating room. In this situation, we transport rapidly while supporting cardiac, circulatory, and respiratory function. We communicate ahead to the physician in the emergency department to speed the patient's journey to definitive care in the operating room.

Paramedics and Critical Care Techs

These services are provided by highly trained state certified Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics and Critical Care Technicians. All care is provided under the supervision and direction of a physician medical director specializing in emergency medicine. Beyond the initial extensive classroom and clinical training required by the NYS Department of Health, SEQ’s providers participate in regular continuing education and skill maintenance programs. There is no finer group of providers anywhere, and you or your loved one is in the best possible hands during the worst possible time.